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Collection of The Beatles

1.   A limited edition photograph of the Beatles, circa 1967, by photographer Barrie Wentzell. Only 600 printed, this is number 495. Measures approx. 24″ x 18″, on heavy parchment style paper. It is a picture of them in a doorway, with Lennon kneeling, and the others standing behind him. This poster is part of the “Classic Artists Series”, and I challenge you to find it anywhere. It also contains a verse written by Roy Hollingworth. Asking $250 Canadian funds.

2.   A collection of Beatles CDs, including Sgt. Pepper, Abbey Road, Rubber Soul, Magical Mystery Tour, all of the Anthologies, the White album, Beatles for Sale, Please Please Me, Help!, Hard Day’s Night, Yellow Submarine, Revolver, With the Beatles, Past Masters vol. 2, and Live at the BBC. Twenty two discs in all, excellent condition. Asking $200. Canadian funds.

3.   The Beatles Anthology DVD boxed set, 5 discs in all, about 10 hours playing time. Asking $70 Canadian funds.



I have a 25 page list of solo & Beatles items for sale.
This includes posters, bubble gum cards, books, vinyl, magazines,etc.

If interested please go to

Thanks! Beth

A Beatles Trivia Question
This is a bit of trivia
that has been plaguing me for some time now.

You all know “Revolution 9″; yeh yeh,
the weird tape loop montage on the ‘white’ album.

Behind the voice saying ‘number ni-ine, number ni-ine”
is a snippet of piano music.

What I want to know is what piece is it from???

I heard it on a classical music station all of once,
but I missed who composed it.


Who was the tall blonde long haired guitarist
at the Bangladesh Concert that played next to George
when Eric joined them for Beyond the darkness and while my guitar…
He played an odd looking guitar a Gibson Explorer.
I know who it wasn’t , Pete Ham , Joey Molland , Jesse Ed Davis or Don Preston.
He may have played with Leon that night also.
I dont remember. This has been bugging me forever.
There is a picture of this guy inside the album also
and on the web he is to George’s right with Eric on George’s left.

Please please help me answer this. Thanks so much!



I am looking to see if anyone knows
whether or not the 64 Washington DC concert is available on video or DVD.
I am looking for a copy of the original master tape that CBS shot in 1964.
For example, the two clips from the concert
( I saw her standing there and Please Please me)
which was part of the Anthology broadcast, was taken from the original master.
Any info would be great. My e-mail address is


John M. Maglapit

Hi, I have an almost complete set of Beatles LP’s
most all original and several copies of others as well as
some sealed LP’s and a few promo’s as well as
some VERY rare and obscure Beatles
and I am building a website where you will be able to
see all of them at


I have a large assortment of Beatles records for sale.
I’ve been a serious collector for 15 years and must downsize some of my collection.
E-mail me with albums interested in and I will send price.
T. Miller


I am looking to sell an original colour film from 1961
of John Lennon and George Harrison mugging it up for the camera
and then crossing the street dodging the antique cars of the day.

The film has never been seen before
and could be the earliest colour footage in existance.
A half head shot in the film might be Stuart Sutcliffe.
The film is in mint condition and credentials are excellent!


Wanted items

Beatles logo

Was wondering if anyone knows where I may
purchase the original poster/advertisement of
the Beatles first U.S. tour when they played at
Washington Sports Arena in February 1964?
And approximately how much this may cost?
Thank you.



I have (3) LP’s and (2) 45’s of Beatles picture disks.

One of the 45’s has the banned butchered baby cover.
Mint condition – no covers.
I would like to sell! Please e-mail me at

For Sale:

Studio Flat, on ABBEY ROAD in St John’s Wood, London.

On opposite side of road & 2 mins walk from the world famous

5 mins to St John’s Wood tube station, Lords Cricket Ground and really pretty High Street.
On top (7th) floor of desirable block, where George Orwell (writer of “1984”) used to live.
Stunning twin aspect/Panoramic views, modern & airey.
Furnished and ready to move in.

Ideal 1st home, very central London pied a terre, or investment for Beatles Fan.
Seller has no chain. 72 yr lease. S/C 2,000/yr.
Price: 192,000 or near offer.

Call Miss Wright: 0044 (0)7811 117253


I would like to collect vintage Beatles sheet music and song books.
Can someone recommend web sites, catalogs or books
that I should get to learn about this hobby?

Donnie Pierce


Hi!My name is Russell Charno and I’m the director of product development at Ellipsis Arts, a world music label in New York.

I’m in the midst of producing a compilation CD of Beatles songs performed by musicians from around the world and I’m looking for more songs to include.

I’m not really looking for novelty Beatles covers.. rather I’m looking for brilliant interpretations of Beatle songs with very strong regional influences. I’d prefer that the arrangements don’t just mirror original Beatles arrangements, but rather that they very much reflect the musical tradition/style of the musicians that recorded them.

Do you know of any songs that we should be including? Do you know of any great resources that we should be looking into??

Thank you for your consideration!

Best Regards,

Russell Charno
VP, Ellipsis Arts

Russell Charno
VP Agog Creative Group
The Relaxation Company
Ellipsis Arts
Bayville Ave
Bayville NY 11709
Phone: 516-624-8001
Fax: 516-624-8011


The commemorative exhibit is now open
at the Maryland Historical Society in Baltimore.
The exhibit commemorates the Fab Four’s visit to Baltimore
in September 1964. Featuring photos by Morton Tadder, a
highly-regarded Baltimore photographer, and memorabilia
from well-known collector Russ Lease, the exhibit will be
open through February 15. Mr. Lease will discuss collecting
one-of-a-kind objects on Sunday, January 9, at 1 pm, and
Mr. Tadder will speak on Sunday, February 13, at 1 pm on his
50 years as a professional photographer. Both lectures are
free with regular museum admission. A catalog, limited edition
commemorative posters, and museum-quality prints are
available for purchase at

They make great gifts for Christmas!

For more information, contact

Looking to Sell

I have owned TYS lunch box since 4th grade late 60’s.

Contact me if you are interested.

David Lillie
Urban Knight Inc
516 997 6438

Bulletin Board

The Beatles Band


I’m trying to find out about a recording
featuring John and Paul called “a toot and a snore in ’74”.
Does anyone know about this or know how I could contact
either Jesse Ed Davis or Bobby Keyes
who were session musicians on the recording (apparently).

Would love to hear from you if you have any info.


who the warm up band was for the Beatles
at their September 3, 1964, concert in Indianapolis?
I was actually there, but I was only three years old.
My brother, who was nine at the time, says he thinks the
warm up band came to be another well known band.
(maybe Chicago?)

My son is doing a report
and we think this information would be very interesting.

Thanks for any help.

Marcie Stafford
Hamilton East Public Library
(317) 770-3878


a website where I can identify (which pressing etc.)
3 Beatles albums from the Philippines.
They are “Beatles for Sale”, “Revolver” & “Sgt.Pepper”. All
have Parlophone yellow & black labels with the “Dyna products”
credit in the rim text & the PARI logo on the label & sleeve.
They are very good quality vinyl pressings but I suspect that
they are post 1972,  but would appreciate a bit of help.

Thanks Beatle fans. Dave.

My e-mail address is

i have an assortment of 181 beatles cards i’d like to sell –
please feel free to contact me – thank you!

212-532-7911 EXT. 125=PHONE 212-213-4347=FAX

Carnegie Hall Program
I have a program in very good condition from the Beatles appearance at Carnegie Hall on February 12, 1964.
The program inadvertently lists Paul as “John” McCartney. Does anyone have a clue what this may be worth?
Please e-mail me at

Incidentally I went to that show and still have the ticket stubs…the admission price for a “Box” seat, was an outrageous $5.00.


A friend of mine has got THE BEATLES BOX released in
1980 and would like to know how much it is worth.
It contains 8 vinyl albums all in mint condition and the box
is also mint and is designed to look like a shipping crate.
It has FROM LIVERPOOL on the front and a photo of the fab 4.
Please contact


The Beatles


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Asher, Jane 05 Apr 1946 London, UK
Aspinall, Neil 13 Oct 1942 Prestatyn, Wales
Best, Pete 24 Nov 1941 Madras, India
Donegan, Lonnie †03 Nov 2002 29 Apr 1931 Glasgow, Scotland
Epstein, Brian †27 Aug 1967 19 Sep 1934 Liverpool, UK
Evans, Malcolm †05 Jan 1976 27 May 1935 UK
Harrison, Dhani (aka Ayrton Wilbury) 01 Aug 1978 Windsor, Berkshire, UK
Harrison, George †29 Nov 2001 25 Feb 1943 Liverpool, UK
Harrison, Olivia Trinidad Arias 18 May 1948 Mexico City, Mexico
Harrison, Pattie Boyd 17 Mar 1945 Somerset, UK
Kaempfert, Bert †21 Jun 1980 16 Oct 1923 Hamburg-Barmbek, Germany
Kirchherr, Astrid 20 May 1938 Hamburg, Ger
Lennon, Cynthia Powell 10 Sep 1939 Blackpool, UK
Lennon, John †08 Dec 1980 09 Oct 1940 Liverpool, UK
Lennon, Julian 08 Apr 1963 Liverpool, UK
Lennon, Sean 09 Oct 1975 New York, NY, USA
Lennon, Yoko Ono 18 Feb 1933 Tokyo, Japan
Martin, George Henry, CBE 03 Jan 1926 Highbury, North London, UK
McCartney, Heather (née See) 31 Dec 1963 Tucson, Arizona, USA
McCartney, Heather Mills 12 Jan 1968 Aldershot, UK
McCartney, Linda Eastman †17 Apr 1998 24 Sep 1941 New York, NY, USA
McCartney, James Louis 12 Sep 1977 London, UK
McCartney, Mary Anna 28 Aug 1969 London, UK
McCartney, Paul 18 Jun 1942 Liverpool, UK
McCartney, Stella Nina 13 Sep 1971 London, UK
Sheridan, Tony 21 May 1940 Norwich, UK
Starkey, Maureen Cox †30 Dec 1994 04 Aug 1946 Liverpool, UK
Starkey, Zak 13 Sep 1965 London, UK
Starr, Jason 19 Aug 1967 UK
Starr, Lee Parkin 11 Nov 1970 London, UK
Starr, Ringo 07 Jul 1940 Liverpool, UK
Starr, Barbara Goldbach 27 Aug 1947 New York, NY, USA
Sutcliffe, Stuart †10 Apr 1962 23 Jun 1940 Liverpool, UK


Are you looking for a Beatles collectible, or other memorabilia?
(something you can’t seem to find anywhere)
Do you have some Beatles stuff for sale?

Do you have an announcement you’d like to make?
(maybe your fan club is looking for new members?)

Do it here!


I have a 1963, unopened Beatles miniature album,
includes bubbles gum.The song is “I  Want To Hold Your Hand”.
Copyright 1963 Northern Songs Ltd.
Sole selling agent Duchess Music corporation (MCA) No. B-5 of 16.
I can be reached by E-mail to Betsy, at


I’m a hopelessly devoted Beatles fan
and collector of their rarities. (I have a collection!)Forgive me for this limerick–
it came out involuntarily and the devil made me post it.
I wrote this about John in 1970.

No one I know’s in my tree.
The concepts I owe LSD.
To think what I’d do
If I tried sniffing glue,
Or perhaps I should just Let It Be.

–O.V. Michaelsen”


I was at this concert when I was 13 years old.I just found a in reasonably good condition program
from this concert. As they are very rare I would like
to of course obtain a very good price for these
(ticket stub and black and white program as a set )
Any one who may be interested I can scan these and send.
This is NOT a common item and I know it !!!

pat lee”


I have a copy of the above album (VINYL) and was
wondering if someone could give me an approximate
value. It is in excellent condition and has only been
played about 15 times. Pete Best on drums, Tony
Sheridan lead singer, John, Paul & George (5 Beatles).
Lindsay Davies