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Hi, Was wondering if anyone knows where I may purchase the original poster/advertisement of the Beatles first U.S. tour when they played at Washington Sports Arena in February 1964? And approximately how much this may cost? Thank you. Melissa cubbyari@aol.com   I have (3) LP’s and (2) 45’s of Beatles picture disks. One of the Read More

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Hi. I’m trying to find out about a recording featuring John and Paul called “a toot and a snore in ’74”. Does anyone know about this or know how I could contact either Jesse Ed Davis or Bobby Keyes who were session musicians on the recording (apparently). Would love to hear from you if you Read More

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1.   A limited edition photograph of the Beatles, circa 1967, by photographer Barrie Wentzell. Only 600 printed, this is number 495. Measures approx. 24″ x 18″, on heavy parchment style paper. It is a picture of them in a doorway, with Lennon kneeling, and the others standing behind him. This poster is part of the “Classic Read More


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TO ALL OUR FRIENDS AND VISITORS It has come to our attention that some spammers have been using our name and several of our mailboxes (guestbook, mailcenter, bulletinboard, etc.) for their fraudulent mass mailings. Some of their junk mail reportedly contains virus infected attachments.Beatles Worldsite does NOT send out emails offering ANY products or services Read More